Happy Plate is on hiatus... stay tuned.Daphne.

Our daughter Daphne Olivia was born on November 16th. I'm going to take some time to stay home and be her exclusive meal planner.

Feel free to contact me for referrals.


eat right every night…at homemmm. veggies.

Everyone wants to eat healthier and take better care of themselves. Somehow, even with the best intentions, convenience always seems to win out over well-being. It's difficult to keep up with your nutritional goals when you're habitually eating out of a box, ordering takeout, and dining out 3-4 nights a week.

Happy Plate to the rescue! Chef Meredith will take care of everything...menu planning, grocery shopping, gourmet cooking, storage and cleanup. So you and your family can eat right every night and not have to lift a finger.

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